Couples Counselling

Relationships can fail, survive, or thrive.

Unfortunately, many don’t last – almost 50% of marriages end in divorce. The number is even higher for common law relationships.

A lot of relationships are in survival mode – whether that’s being on cruise control, being so caught up in the busyness of life that there’s very little left over to build a healthier relationship, or being so worn down by too much tension and conflict in the relationship that feeling connected and fulfilled together seems like a distant memory.

To have a thriving relationship in the midst of all of these stressors and struggles can take a lot of dedication and work. Thankfully, once things start to head in a positive direction, momentum usually builds and intimacy and connection gets easier and more commonplace. Thriving relationships are made of people who have learned to accept one another’s unique characteristics and yet are willing to take risks to grow as individuals and together as a couple.

If you’re ready to move beyond survival mode and to make changes in your relationship that will help you thrive, we can help. You and your partner will be challenged to deal with old or fresh wounds and to develop the skills necessary to get the relationship you’re wanting.

A few of the approaches we draw from in our practice are Emotion-Focused Couples Counselling, PACT Couples Therapy, Internal Family Systems, AEDP, and Gottman Couples Therapy. These models are evidence-based and effective at helping couples restore and build intimacy and healthier relating. Because each partner and couple is unique, the approach is tailored to be as helpful as possible.

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